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Outstanding Volunteers

Slide show of volunteers working in the Licking River Watershed

2011 Outstanding Service Recognition
Barry Tonning, Vice-Chair
Mindy Scott, Science Advisor

2010 Outstanding Service Recognition
Dr. Chris Lorentz, LRWW Science Advisor
Larry Varney, LRWW Webmaster

Ten Year Service Awards
Dr. Chris Lorentz, Donald Becher, Mark Rohling, Alice Ryle and Rick Stegeman

Five Year Service Awards
Gloria and Tim Guilfoile, Mike Arnold, Joy Cloud, Dianna & Ralph Bartles, Donna Becher, Sean Blake, and William D. Christopher

2010 LRWW Volunteer Sampler Awards

10 Year Volunteer Awards

2009 LRWW Volunteer Sampler Awards

2009 Outstanding Awards

2008 Outstanding Awards

Slide show of volunteer award recipients




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